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He Always Cheats – Matt Dearden | Artist | Designer | Illustrator | London, UK

He Always Cheats

A moody ‘Torchwood’ inspired design.

  • I love Torchwood! The design looks nice but i wouldn’t associate it with Torchwood

  • I agree with Daniel. Knowing it relates to Torchwood, I get it, but there’s no way I could have just figured it out. Maybe you add the Disco back in. ūüėÄ

  • Atreydies

    This is a great design and i like that it’s not totally obvious what it is. If you know the show (or Jack’s coat), then you know what it is.

  • Unless you know who Caption Jack is, you would have no idea that this is for Torchwood.. its a really nice design though.. anyway to make less dark?

  • Kf_rodgers

    I really like it. It’s subtle.

  • Mcmaris2000

    I love it because its subtle. Its like knowing a secret. And if someone else gets it, you know they’re a real fan.

  • Arcana

    IMO, it’s a little TOO subtle. Even as a fan, I wouldn’t relate it to Jack Harkness… I feel it needs a little more, but what exactly, I do not know.



  • Simbatoast

    I desperately want this as a shirt. Any way I can get my hands on one?

  • Simbatoast

    Excellent, thank you! I love your designs, mate, they’ve really made my evening! Great work

  • Jace Bror

    I wouldn’t have recognized it right away if I wasn’t searching for Torchwood shirts. Most people wouldn’t even over here wouldn’t know what Torchwood is anyhow. I like that it is on the sly. I don’t need to pound it into peoples faces. They would just like the design.