Category: Photoshop

Feathered Nautilus

A medley of nautilus-esque shells, feathers and crystals.

Star Squirrel

He’s a star squirrel – waiting in the sky….

CA Ink

A ConceptArt challenge to design a tattooed character.

Junkyard Golem

Climbing junk with his trusty pug companion.

The Endless: Destiny


ConceptArt challenge to re-imagine an member of ‘The Endless’.

Supervillan Self-Portrait

Me as a supervillan!

The Siamese Twins

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland – they’ll watch your back!

Manfreda von Richthofen

A gender bending re-imagining of the famous flyer.

Victory Gals

A tribute to the late Glenn Angus.

Ice Druid

Character concept design.

Demonic Pirate Lord

Doomed to sail forever.

Fallen Valkyrie

And she could fly no more.