Tag: Design

The Wizard

Will the wizard Howl steal your heart?

Think in Russian

Could you pass pilot training for the Firefox?

Retirement Replicant

The replicant electric blue sheep edition!


This was not called execution. It was called retirement.


Always have an escape plan. 007 Inspired.

Fortune & Glory

No time for love, Doctor Jones!

Don’t Blink

The angels have the phone box…


A Sherlock take on the Met police badge!

Suckered In

Beauty and the beast embrace.

The Sleeper

Have you tasted the water of life?

El Cazador

The hunter who makes trophies of men.

Till All Are One

A Transformers / I Love NY parody.

Pencil Pushers Gym

A Predator Parody. When was your last workout?

Draper’s Bar

Inspired by Mad Men and the legend that is Don Draper.

One Ping Only

Inspired by ‘The Hunt for Red October’

Secrets Are Dangerous

That gum you like is going to come back in style.

Intersect Dev Team

Inspired by ‘Chuck’, secret government employees only.

Mushroom Avenged

A Mushroom Kingdom / Avengers mashup.

The Nouveau Generation

A TNG-era Star Trek inspired design.

The Bluth Brothers

Book now – one night only – don’t make a huge mistake!

The Bad Guy

A fully-loaded ‘Machete’ inspired design.


Firefly & Serenity fans represent!

How to Catch Your Dragon

A Pokémon and How to Train Your Dragon parody.

He Always Cheats

A moody ‘Torchwood’ inspired design.

Snakes on a Cane

A design inspired by the TV show ‘House’.

Zombie Crossing

You never know who you’ll meet at the crosswalk.

Feathered Nautilus

A medley of nautilus-esque shells, feathers and crystals.

Biker Scout Wannabe

Not everybody can pass the imperial entrance exam right?

Serial Killer Toolbox

A collection of instruments inspired by ‘Dexter’.

I can quit any time I like

A 200ft tall robot got drunk and fell over.

Star Squirrel

He’s a star squirrel – waiting in the sky….

CA Ink

A ConceptArt challenge to design a tattooed character.

Junkyard Golem

Climbing junk with his trusty pug companion.

Vector Portraits

A selection of stylised portraits produced as gifts.

The Endless: Destiny


ConceptArt challenge to re-imagine an member of ‘The Endless’.