Tag: Illustration

CA Ink

A ConceptArt challenge to design a tattooed character.

Junkyard Golem

Climbing junk with his trusty pug companion.

Vector Portraits

A selection of stylised portraits produced as gifts.

The Endless: Destiny


ConceptArt challenge to re-imagine an member of ‘The Endless’.

Supervillan Self-Portrait

Me as a supervillan!

The Siamese Twins

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland – they’ll watch your back!

Manfreda von Richthofen

A gender bending re-imagining of the famous flyer.

Victory Gals

A tribute to the late Glenn Angus.

Ice Druid

Character concept design.

Demonic Pirate Lord

Doomed to sail forever.

Fallen Valkyrie

And she could fly no more.

End of Line

All traffic offenders will be subject to immediate to de-resolution!

Love Leaves

Love takes flight.


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